Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Now I in Nagapatiman

Past two days I was cycling in the rain. Everyday there is 3 hrs of rain. The roads are muddy and alot of holes. The roads are not good. I lost my Hand Set in Pondicherry. Anyway I am fine and good health. Meeting with the World Poorest people on earth I have seen. When I was in Cambodian and Laos I though they are the poorest people on earth. People here call me white man. I ask a guys why, he said they only see English man cycling here. The people here are very poor and wages are little and old people have very little food to eat. Thanks god I am in Malaysia. Someone on road said he saw me in Indian TV. Maybe!!On the road to Pandicherry there were some news paper reports asking me some question and taking pictures. Utusan Malaysia email me, saying that on Wednesday there will be some artikel about me. Some pictures here for you guys. I came from Cithemaram, I am in Nagapatinam now and went to Velakani by bus, is about 12km and the road is worse then the cambodian road with muddy water. Next stop will be in Madurai. So far I have cycle 500 km in 5 days of cycling. I have 1600 more to go.Hope there is no rain next fews days. If you have any friends send my blog to them. Thank You very much for wishing me Good Luck.

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